June Weight Loss Challenge: Week 3

Welcome to the June Weight Loss Challenge: Week 3 update. I am settling into a nice routine of increased exercise and improved diet.  As of week 3, I have nearly my weight loss goal of 5 pounds but I have no plans of letting up on this last and final week of the Healthy June Weight Loss Challenge.

Don’t miss an awesome kale salad recipe. Scroll to the end of this post. 

If you missed any of the previous June Weight Loss Challenge posts, don’t despair I have the links for you.

Schools out

This week marked the beginning of summer break around our house. My kids, in lieu of being in school, are now sleeping in late and playing way too many video games.  This also presents a scheduling problem for my exercise routine.

For 9 months out of the year, I shuffle the kids off to school and I have a solid 6 hours to exercise when I want. Now I have to fit in a run between, cleaning up after the kids, cooking breakfast and trying to keep their idle minds busy. This is not impossible, it just makes me question why school children have summer breaks?


As part of the Healthy June Challenge, I set a 500,000 step goal for June. I knew diet alone would not get me to the 5-pound weight loss goal.

To hit the 500,000 steps goal, I need 16,666 steps every day in June to reach that mark.

This week, I pushed my feet to the limit to get as many steps as possible to make up for a sub-optimal amount of steps in week 2.

This week’s step count 152,273.

The most adventurous way I accumulated steps this week.

My wife and I love to trail run. We are fortunate to have a Washington State Park near our house with an extensive network of trails. I love this state park and its trails but when you have run that trail a hundred times before it leaves me longing for something new.

When we are looking for a new adventure we head to the Cascade Mountains. Within a 60 minute drive, we find ourselves among a beautiful mountain range dotted with snow-capped peaks and majestic waterfalls. Not to mention an almost limitless number of trails and hikes.

This past week we decided to load up the family and head to an easy 6-mile trail that meanders along the White River. Our plan was to let our children ride their bikes while we run/walk behind.

This was another parenting fail. Old growth forests and giant trees dot the side of the trail. Their roots criss-cross the trail creating giant speed bumps for children. The kids spent more time pushing their bikes than riding. In that moment I’m sure they hated us.

We were able to get 5 miles of hiking in before we had to succumb to the pressure of the ever-persistent whine of our children. All things considered, it was a fun hike and no children were harmed. This qualifies for the best way I accumulated steps this week.

Health and Wealth

During each of these weekly update posts, I have included a few posts from around the internet that reinforce my belief that health and wealth are inextricably linked to each other. Here are the 3 articles for this week:

Invest in yourself Now. Save Money Later.

This article appears on the Physician On Fire Blog but was actually a guest post by colleagues Alex and Brittany Robles. Both doctors by day and fitness seekers at night. This article is laden with excellent tips on how to improve your fitness level and save money. Read more.

Walking To Work For 4 Years – The Money, Health & Mind Benefits

This article comes to us from the Making Momentum Blog. This article is a lesson to me. Live within one mile of work next time I decide to move. Here Making Momentum Blog tries to quantify the benefits to money, mind, and health by walking to work. Read more.

23 Inexpensive Diet Tricks to Shed Those Vanity Pounds

In this article by the Frugal Gene Blog, Lily outlines 23 frugal ways to shed those last few pounds that seem impossible to get rid of. Thanks, Lily. Read more. 


Week 3 was a non-work week for me. As a nurse, I work a week on and a week off. During non-work weeks, I am able to up my exercise game, usually in an attempt to compensate for the lower amount of exercise during my work weeks.

This week I was aiming for an average of 20,000 steps per day. This equals around 10 miles a day of running or walking. At this point, I am on track to hit my 500,000 June steps goal.


During my non-work weeks, I really struggle with meal control.  I don’t meal prep for the days I don’t work. Often our family is out on some adventure and we tend to eat out more during these weeks. Ugghh!

This is how I overeat

I have the scavenger vulture dad mentality. Tell me if this sounds familiar. You take your child out for ice cream because it is there last day of school. Your child orders a 3 scoop hot fudge sundae that, when handed to your child, is almost too heavy for them to carry. Your child eats about 1/3 of the sundae and says, “I’m full.”

Now I have a real dilemma. I could stick to my diet or I could eat the rest of the ice cream sundae because “you paid good money for that.” Well, I am that dad that eats the Sundae. No waste, but it does increase my waist!

Kale Salad Recipe

Here is one meal I  have eaten many times during the Healthy June Challenge. My wife’s Kale salad. The salad is delicious and filling. Kale, while not my favorite food becomes very delicious in this easy to make recipe. Pro tip, it is even better the next day after a spending the night in the refrigerator.

Ingredients list:

  • Kale
  • roasted sweet potato
  • red onion
  • goat cheese
  • quinoa
  • balsamic vinaigrette
  • apple
  • avocado
  • grilled chicken breast


Step 1 – peel the sweet potatoes, dice into cubes toss in olive oil and roast in a 425-degree oven for 15-20 minutes or until tender and slightly golden.

step 2 – grill boneless skinless chicken breast until internal temp is 165 degrees. Dice the chicken into cubes.

Step 3 – cook quinoa per the instructions on the bag.

step 4 – dice the apple (I use a Fuji apple), red onion, and avocado

step 5 – While the chicken and quinoa are warm Mix all ingredients in large mixing bowl. Add balsamic vinaigrette and small clumps of soft goat cheese (about 2-3 oz.) and mix.

The goat cheese will melt and become part of the dressing. You can eat while the salad is still warm or place in the refrigerator and let cool. Either way, the creaminess of the goat cheese and balsamic dressing acidity paired with the hint of sugar from the sweet potatoes makes this salad a real winner.  The kale is sturdy enough to keep for several days without becoming wilted.


Only a couple of people are reporting out their weigh-in this week. We will try to get everyone included for the Grand Finale next week.

The ChallengersStarting Weight (pounds)How many pounds do you want to loseJune 21st weigh-in (pounds)Wt lost: week 3cumulative wt lost in June
The Smart Fi183.45178.614.8
Physician on Fire169.65Physician on fire is out traveling the world and will join us for the final weigh-in2.2
Sunburnt Saver10SS will weigh-in at the end of the month for the big reveal
Fetching Financial Freedom223621825
Baby Boomer Super Saver1615-10159-22
Traveling Cents152515002

Update from the Financial Lion

Financial Lion Blog missed out on the mid-month check in last week due to a vacation.

To catch us up on his Healthy June progress please welcome, Ryan.

“Through 3 weeks I’m just about where I wanted to be. My goal was simply to hit the gym at least 3 times a week, and I will say I have MOSTLY done this. In week 1, I hit this no problem. Week 2 was a different story…
Hello vacation!! I went on a week-long vacation to Myrtle Beach and, although I didn’t technically go to a gym, I walked at least a mile each day, for four of the days. One day consisted of being a tourist in Charleston, SC, and walking around the city. The remaining days were walks on the beach or on the road outside our condo. Maybe I need to revise my goal to say “do something physical at least 3 times a week.”
The June Fitness Challenge has totally held me accountable and is accomplishing the intended purpose. It’s even helped me branch out a bit from my normal CrossFit routine to going rock climbing with a buddy! Now that I’m back in a routine until my next vacation in August, here’s to getting fit!”

Thanks for reading the Week 3 update

Be sure to stop by next week for the conclusion of this crazy June Weight Loss Challenge. See if I and the other gang of bloggers can reach our weight loss goals for the month.

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5 thoughts on “June Weight Loss Challenge: Week 3

  1. Oh man, I thought I finally did the shared Google doc right this week, apparently not, I am still in it, I am down another 2 pounds, so total of 4 for this challenge, but total of 10 for this round of Jenny Craig(2 months). It is easy to loose when there is this much to loose.

    1. I agree, 500k steps in one month turned out to be the most difficult of my self imposed motivational goals. I need to stop doing this to myself. Thank you Angela for joining me.

  2. During the third week I gained a couple pounds and decided I needed to increase my walking. I hate it that my weight goes up & down so much, yet stays about the same overall.
    The kale salad recipe looks delicious!

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