June Weight Loss Challenge: Week 1 Update

Week one is in the books for the Healthy June Fitness Challenge. I’m leaner, meaner and……not much lighter. Oh well, I didn’t expect to lose much weight this first week.

I think my body is still trying to adjust. My stomach growls quite often throughout the day as a reminder of how many calories I would consume on a normal day before the Healthy June Challenge.

The reality is, this challenge is more about self-improvement than weight loss. Small incremental improvements in our life, whether they be fitness or financial have a compounding effect. Pounds just happens to be an easy metric to measure. Inches or body fat percentage would be better, but those are more difficult to calculate.

I lost a measly, 12.8 ounces in one week, but I feel better. I am taking action. The positive changes to my health by eating better and making more time for exercise is enough reward for me.

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Why Fitness?

Life does not reside in a vacuum. If you make a change in one aspect of your life, it will have implications for other areas of your life. When I exercise I feel better about me. When I’m feeling better about me. I am happier in my life and my wife notices. She even commented, “you have been very happy all week.” So, see, exercise is good for me in more than just one way.

A good run is a way for me to unwind and let my mind wander (please don’t tell anyone that occasionally walk). Have you ever listened to an entire podcast to only find you couldn’t remember any of the key takeaways because your mind was wandering the whole time?

That is your brain taking a breather. Those are healthy brain breaks. Taking 30 minutes out of my day for a mental break from having to constantly be focused at work or at home is why I make exercise a part of my wealth and health plan.

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Food Journal

Let’s take a look at some of the “healthy” foods I was eating during this first week of June Weight Loss Challenge.

My game plan has already switched from counting calories to cutting out most carbs and sugary foods. I found counting calories too tedious for my type B personality. My wife makes quite a few things from scratch and I was having trouble estimating a good calorie count on some of those items and I gave up. The kale salad we had for dinner, for example, was her own creation. No calorie count was available. Honestly, the barrier to quitting calorie counting was low. I just find it easier to not eat white carbs and sugar.


Coffee with 1 serving of creamer (half and half). Of course, I drink coffee.  My mornings are powered by Trader Joe’s Coffee (a balance between cost and quality).

I usually eat something small in the morning. Typically I will have a piece of whole wheat toast with avocado. Before the June challenge, I was eating cereal. I have sworn off cereal for the month of June. The extra carbs and highish levels of sugar are something I am trying to avoid in Healthy June. Truthfully I need to bite the bullet and swear off cereal for good, but I really love me some cereal as a snack. Honey Bunches of Oats is my go to. My guilty pleasure cereal is Cocoa Pebbles. Don’t laugh.


Mid-morning is when I usually go for a run. After my run around noon, I am starving likes its been days since my last meal. Lunch is where the dad in me shines. I always eat leftovers from dinner the night before. Yep, I am so proud when I finish the leftovers. This is where I struggle with portion control. I feel like I am in a race against the clock. After about 3-4 days my wife starts throwing out whatever I have not “cleaned up.”

This first week of Healthy June we have been cooking healthier dinners. That equals healthier lunches for me. This week, for lunch, I have been grazing on a delicious kale salad my wife made and homemade turkey burgers with a lettuce bun.


Our family does not cook a meal every night. 4-5 times per week we make a dinner meal and the other couple nights we eat leftovers. One night this week we ate kale salad for dinner. Another night we had grilled chicken breast and salad. My guilty dinner splurge this week was a delicious, giant-sized burrito, from a fast-casual restaurant. It was 1200 calories but I couldn’t finish the whole thing and ate the rest for lunch the next day. I blame that damn, delicious burrito for not losing more weight this week.

Fitness Goals 

When I try to lose weight and transition from my winter dad body to my summer beach body, I try to attack my weight from both ends. Diet and exercise. Along with trying to lose 5 pounds in June, I have created a goal to log 500,000 steps this month.

As of Thursday, June 7th, I have 124,587 steps.

Most of those steps came from running. Some of the steps, however, were from replacing driving with WALKING. #shutthefullcup. No, seriously, I walked places that I normally would have drove. This helped me pile on more steps than I normally would.

Example of how I increased my steps this week

My Son, who is in his awkward preteen years, usually walks the .25 mile home from the bus stop, but he hates the walk. As an occasional treat, my wife will drive to the bus stop and pick him up. I had this great idea and I said to my wife, “it’s warm and sunny, let’s walk to the bus stop.” Well, talk about a huge parent fail.

The bus pulled up, full of kids smelling like a mixture of ax body spray and sweat. My son got off, glanced our way with a half smirk, and walked in the opposite direction. My wife and I gave each other that heavy look. Did he not see us? After the bus pulled away we hustled to catch up. We quickly learned he had seen us alright. My son said, “please never walk to pick me up from the bus again. It is embarrassing!” To that I say, never miss an opportunity to embarrass your child especially when you can get some extra steps.

Meet the members of the 2018 June Weight Loss Challenge.

Thank you to all of you who joined the challenge. There is some serious F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence Retire Early) power here in this list. Do me a favor. This weekend when you get a free moment. Take a minute and check out a few of these awesome personal finance blogs. Reading a couple articles from a few of these blogs is better than taking a course in personal finance. And it’s FREE.

Tread Lightly Retire Early 

Angela blogs about sustainable, frugal living. She is working toward financial independence for freedom of options, not to quit her job.


Physician on Fire 

I’m a financially independent family man and anesthesiologist, working part-time at the age of 42 as I wind down my clinical career. I’m spreading the message of financial independence and helping people optimize their financial lives via my website physicianonfire.com.



OthalaFehu is a personal Net Worth blog that spills out into the rest of my world through snippets and anecdotes. I am looking to stack chips and get out the game by age 50.


Ms. ZiYou

Feminist Blogger at MsZiYou.com.Lover of running, cats, pizza and wine.‍


Sunburnt Saver

Melissa is a freelance writer and editor who, along with her husband, is on a mission to pursue FIRE within 5 years. Melissa is a big believer in 5-year plans! She also blogs about personal finance and financial freedom for Millennials at Sunburnt Saver.

Fetching Financial Freedom

Felicity is an engineer set to achieve financial independence at age 29 with her husband Fergus and dog Fluffster. Twitter: @FelicityFFF and Instagram: @fetching_freedom for food, nature, and gratuitous dog pictures. Yes, yes she has plotted daily weigh-ins and calculated a trendline for this challenge.



I work in technical sales in Silicon Valley. My wife and I are trying to save 75% of our incomes. We’d like to reach financial independence by the end of 2020 so that we can work on our extensive travel bucket list.


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I am an anesthesiologist, husband, and new dad. Trying to reach financial independence through frugality and minimalism. I am also a travel aficionado and follow a whole food, plant-based vegan diet.


Our Financial Path

I am a young Canadian, working in finance and new father. I aim to save over half my income and reach financial Independence before I turn 35.


Financial Lion

“I am a CPA in Raleigh, NC, finding the “why” behind financial habits to accomplish our goals. When I’m not blogging, you can find me on the golf course or gaming with friends.”


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I am a very busy mom who also passes as a software engineer during the day. We plan to retire in about 5 more years, hopefully after we get to financial independence. Hoping that retirement will get me the peace and quiet I am looking for.


Zero To Fire

I’m a disabled Special Ed Teacher-turned-IT professional, saving a little over 50% of my income every month in NYC in an attempt to build up enough assets to fly off the corporate ladder at some point.

Drum Roll Please

Last but certainly not least here are our results for week 1.

The ChallengersStarting Weight (pounds)How many pounds do you want to loseJune 7th weigh-in (pounds)pounds lost in week 1
The Smart Fi183.45182.60.8
Tread Lightly Retire Early
Physician on Fire169.65168.80.8
Ms. ZiYou
Sunburnt Saver10SS will weigh-in at the end of the month for the big reveal
Fetching Financial Freedom22562212
Baby Boomer Super Saver1615-101574
Traveling Cents1525149.82.2
Our Financial Path18051791
Count Down To Tranquilitymissed the first week will be with us next week.
Sand Piper4
Zero To Fire1392
Dr McFrugal1463145.50.5


Thanks for reading the week one update. Be sure to stop by next week for the mid-month check-in.

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If you joined the challenge and don’t see your numbers for this update you can leave them in the comment section and I will add them to the post.


11 thoughts on “June Weight Loss Challenge: Week 1 Update

  1. I have been trying to get my summer beach body since I gave birth to my third child. He just turned 17!!!
    Was thinking of joining your challenge but I need to build muscle mass not necessarily lose weight. And you already are at 124,587 Steps…my goal is 10,000!

    1. That Kale salad is deelish. I think I am funny but I’m glad you thought so too. Actually, I first saw the #shutthefullcup from the physician on fire. I try to keep up with pop culture but its really hard at 40. lol.

  2. Week one is in the books! Well done man. Like you said, the challenge is more about self improvement that the actual weight loss. I’ve always gone more by how I feel than the straight up number on a scale. If you feel good and are doing the right things then so what if you’re a couple pounds heavier.

    Also, I feel you on the cereal, my guilty pleasure is Reese’s Puffs haha. It’s so dang good.

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