June Weight Loss Challenge: Kick Off

June Weight Loss Challenge: Kick Off

Welcome to June 1st and welcome to my June Weight Loss Challenge. So begins, a one month journey to eat healthier, exercise more and build health while building wealth.

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Why Fitness?

Why is a personal finance blog writing about a fitness challenge? The short answer is because I think it is important.  My passion is personal finance and building wealth but I realize, what good is having wealth and financial freedom if you are not healthy enough to enjoy the fruits of your labor. I want to arrive at financial independence with a healthy mind and body. Wealth without my health is not a retirement I want.

The odds are people that are reading this blog are not the same people sitting on the couch playing Xbox all day. You are inspired, motivated people trying to improve your life every day. So let’s do it together for one month while building whealth. You like that. It’s a mash-up of Wealth + Health.

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Food Journal Day

In preparation for the weight loss challenge, I have tried to assess how many calories I regularly consume.  I have no idea how many calories I eat in a normal day. I have always just eaten when I was hungry.

I kept a food journal for 2 days this week. Here is a snapshot view of my one-day food consumption. Both food journal days looked oddly similar. I have a gift to be able to eat the same foods for an almost endless amount of time without becoming bored with those foods. So lucky, right?

Total Calories 2440
coffee and creamer40
2 dried apricots50
cereal (2 servings) and milk390
2 egss and 1 serving sausage310
granola bar140
Salad with chicken400
chocolate chip cookie110
yogurt and granola260
blueberry cobbler and milk330
popcorn and chips400

This day, in particular, was a day where I was working a twelve-hour shift. Because of the way work breaks are scheduled, I eat more small snacks than I eat full meals. In the food journal you can clearly see I did not eat a lunch. I ate a couple small snacks instead. Also, for the last month, on my dinner break, I have been going for a 15-minute walk to increase my daily step count. This healthy activity cuts down on my ability to eat a big lunch due to time constraints.

From this one-day glimpse at my eating habits, I can extrapolate that I eat somewhere in the neighborhood of 2500-3000 calories per day. With 2440 calories consumed for the food journal day, I didn’t feel full but I didn’t feel hungry either. For that reason I know I probably eat more than 2440 calories on a normal day.

Also, this simple act of writing down what I was eating with calorie counts made me eat less. It felt like someone was watching, even if that someone was just me.


Weigh In

My starting weight for this month-long health journey is 183.4 pounds.

Physician on Fire also joined me is publishing his starting weight 169.6 pounds.


Goal: lose 5 pounds by eating healthier and exercising more.

plan: Use diet and exercise to lose 5 pounds.


I have never counted calories in the past. When I wanted to lose some weight, I have simply stopped consuming as much sugar and carbs. For the purpose of this challenge, I will try to keep track of my calories and stay under 2000 calories per day. I found the app My Fitness Pal on my iPhone to be super helpful in keeping track of my calories. According to the app, I can eat 2300 calories per day and lose one pound per week. For this reason, I think I will try to stick to 2000 calories because, well, it is an even number, and I think that 2000 daily calories will get me to the 5 pounds of weight I want to lose for the healthy June challenge.


I plan to run, walk and bike my way to a monthly fitness goal of 500,000 steps. That is 16,666 steps per day. Why steps? Steps are easily converted by using various fitness apps. If you ride your bike, you can convert that to steps. Same for running. The second reason is I have a goal to reach 5 million steps for 2018. The blog, My Sons Father, has a 5 million step challenge that I joined a couple of months ago.

I don’t think I have ever accumulated 500,000 steps in one month, but goals are meant to be audacious and lofty to provide motivation.

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Thank you, to each and every one of you for joining the June Fitness Challenge. I would like as many people as possible to join. Feel free to join by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post.

The Plan

Here’s the plan. Today, this morning, measure your starting weight. You can keep that number to yourself or give it to me to post in this blog post.  Every Thursday in June I will send out a tweet asking for the amount of weight you have lost that week. Every Friday in June I will publish a post as a weekly check-in where I will post everyone’s progress.

Make this challenge your own. Go at your own pace and what is comfortable for you. If you are not crazy like me and don’t think you want to set a fitness goal of 500,000 steps for the month of June, set a different goal. Maybe you walk for 10 minutes after work. The idea is to set a goal, write it down to legitimize it and smash that goal.

challenge is more about the process rather than the results. It is more about the change process over the outcome. Small seemingly inconsequential changes in your life have big impacts over time. Let’s get going and live a deliberate life. – says me

Email List

This would be a good opportunity to sign up for my email list, on my homepage. By signing up, you will receive the all 4 of the fitness challenge updates as they are published and other great personal finance tips delivered directly to your email inbox.

Stay tuned for June 8th, where we will have our first check-in.

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19 thoughts on “June Weight Loss Challenge: Kick Off

  1. Glad to join!

    I’ve been losing weight fairly consistently for a little over a year, and really hunkered down starting in mid January this year. Already down 40 pounds from my highest weight!!! You can put me in as starting at ~225 lbs as of May 30th (compared to 250 in January!) 😀 .

    My day-to-day weight definitely fluctuates quite a bit (sometimes as much as +- 4 lbs, even when weighing at same time each day), so I’ll try to keep more consistent track this month so I can average out my weight for a more accurate measure. ^_^

  2. OK I’m in. I ate all the cookies yesterday to get my starting weight up and empty my house of cookies. Cause I have no self control if they are in my house, yet a great dislike of going to the shop.

    So I’ve got a starting weight of 62.8kg!! I was 60kg last week, so most of that is cookies. I’ll be happy to get under 58kg by the end of June. Then need to get down to under 55kg for August.

  3. So glad I read this – one of my goals for June was to get back in the gym consistently, please count me in on the challenge man!

    I could talk for hours about this but I’ll keep it brief lol. I follow the “If It Fits Your Macros” plan and have used MFP consistently for that. Such an awesome app, and food journaling every day is one of the best habits I’ve picked up. Just physically writing something down makes a world of difference. Excited to see what the next month brings!

  4. Sitting and reading during nap time, but if I’m going to go with you on those 500,000 steps this month I better get moving again! Thanks for the motivation, as always. Oh, and I’m on MFP as well; I find the ONLY way for me to lose weight is to log my food and exercise religiously.

    1. Boy, I’m not sure if I bit off more than I can chew with that 500k step goal. I have a 4,000 step carryover deficit from yesterday. Today I have a time crunch with my sons Little Leauge game and a BBQ later. EEEEEkKKK!

  5. I’m glad you’ve set this up, love these challenges! My starting weight is 161. I’m learning some interesting things as I get into this challenge. Tracking my calories and increasing my fiber may be more important than “what” I eat. I’m sticking with real, whole food, but not going to follow a particular “diet.” Also, I’m going to give up my zero-calorie stevia crutch, because I think it has been contributing to my large belly. I drink fluids all day long, and most of them have been heavily laced with stevia.

    1. Your Welcome BB Super Saver. You know, this is the second challenge I’ve organized (the February Plank Challenge was the first)and I really enjoy them. I get the most enjoyment out of interacting with all the other bloggers in a more engaging way. I love both fitness and personal finance. On the surface, these two topics don’t seem to have much to do with each other. But once you peel a layer back, you see they are more related than people would think.

      1. Personal finance and fitness have very similar principles. Most of it boils down to the input/output (saving rate/caloric deficit). But I personally have a much much harder time with fitness.😂
        My starting weight is 152lbs.

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