Friday Night Highlights Vol. 7

Welcome to this weeks edition on the Friday Night Highlights, where I scour the personal finance blogging world to bring you interesting articles you may have missed.

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This week I found three articles that have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

  • The Savvy Couple will walk you through a quick primer on the mechanics of creating a budget.
  • Femme Cents gives us 7 gift ideas to help us maintain our sanity during the Christmas shopping season.
  • Money Scrap brings us an article about all of the missing bloggers. Where did they go and why did they quit?

The Savvy Couple: How To Budget: The Simple Money Guide Anyone Can Follow.

In our home, as nurses, we outrun our spending by working extra shifts. This is very typical in our line of shift work. Every month a list of open shifts is emailed to staff nurses. If you want to go on vacation or buy an incredibly expensive new iPhone (me), you pick up extra shifts.  Budgeting has always been taboo in our home and, to be honest, we suck at it.  Slowly my wife and I have begun to reign in spending through deliberate spending. You can read about our 2 months of strict food budgeting here (Budget Smudget: Our First Grocery Budget). 

The Savvy Couple describes budgeting perfectly:

A good, balanced budget is a spending plan – you decide what you want to spend your money on, and then you follow that plan.

Do you want to start a Zero Sum Budget or a 50/20/30 budget? If you are not familiar with these types of budgets, let The Savvy Couple provide you a quick primer on budgeting. Read more ⇒

Femme Cents: 7 Christmas Gift Ideas For People Who Don’t Need Anything

7 Christmas Gift Ideas for People who Don't Need Anything - Femme CentsEvery year, a couple weeks before Christmas, our family gets together for a Christmas party where we have a tradition of a gift exchange. Each adult is responsible for bringing a gift to the party for a randomly selected family member. Sometimes you end up with a blanket and sometimes you get something you really wanted. Meh! Isn’t that how gifting works.

Well if you are struggling to find a gift for a loved one this holiday season, you need to read Femme Cents blog post: 7 Christmas Gift Ideas For People Who Don’t Need Anything. There are some great ideas that I would have never thought of. For the record, my personal favorite was the Wifi thermostat. Read more ⇒

Money Scrap: Where Did They Go? Missing Bloggers!

TWhere did they go? Missing Bloggers!his post struck a chord with me because it shows that, what can be a fun hobby(blogging) becomes a time-consuming and stressful endeavor (if you let it), as the new car feel wears off.

I have been blogging for 10 months. In that short period,  I have seen bloggers come and go, while other blogs rocket to success.

All of this was not apparent to me before I started my own blog. I was a bit nieve to think I would write some words and people would flock to my website to read my thoughts.

Money Scrap put together a list of missing bloggers and took it a step further to reach out to those ex-bloggers. What follows is an interesting dialog that I think you will find interesting. Read more ⇒

Thank you for reading this weeks edition of the Friday Night Highlights. This weekend I will be working on a new post for Monday. The Smart Fi, October Wrap-up, will feature an update of my 2018 financial goals and a new section detailing the assets I purchased in October.

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