Friday Night Highlights Vol 5.

Welcome to the Friday Night Highlights, where I search high and low for the articles that are setting the blogosphere on FIRE.

This week is part two of the Plutus Awards Edition. I have 4 more award-winning articles from 4 very special bloggers.

You may be wondering what is a Plutus Award? The easy answer is, it is the equivalent of the Grammy’s to the blogging world.

The Plutus Foundation, named after the Greek God of Wealth, was founded in 2009 with a purpose of honoring people and blogs who promote personal finance as a larger body of the financial media.

In the world of personal finance blogging, it is hard to stand out among the nearly 2,000 blogs. These Plutus Award winners stand head and shoulders above the crowd, representing the best of the best.

If you missed last weeks Friday Night Highlight click here to see who won:

  • Blog Of The Year
  • Best Family Finance Blog
  • and Best Frugality Blog

Best Retirement Blog

Time Affluence ~ The Retirement Manifesto

Congratulations to The Retirement Manifesto for taking home Best Retirement Blog Of The Year. Although Time Affluence is not the post that specifically won the award, it is a superb sample of his fabulous writing. Most anything in our tangible world can be purchased with money, except for time. In this article, The Retirement Manifesto works through the different ways you can build time abundance. Go check it out. Read More….

Best Boomer/Gen X Blog

After The Cubicle: Life Is Good Just Not Quite Zemplified ~ Life Zemplified

kayaks sitting on the dock at the lake

Amy, from Life Zemplified, is a busy woman. She operates 3 personal finance websites and watches her grandchild 5 days per week. That doesn’t stop her from putting out awesome content. Women Who Money and Women’s Money Talk are her two newest websites. The titles give it away, but these personal finance sites are written by women for women. With a wealth of knowledge and early retirement under her belt, you’d be doing well to check out any one of her websites. Read More…

Best Finance Blog For Women AND Best Millenial/Gen Z Blog

How Dafuq Do Couples Share Their Money ~ Bitches Get Riches

Money is to relationship as icebergs are to feats of engineering hubris.

Yep, a two-time winner. Why? Because the writing is that good. I featured Bitches Get Riches a couple weeks back in the Friday Night Highlights for this article, A Brief History Of The 2008 Crash And Recession: We Were All So Fucked. 

In this article, How Dafuq Do Couple Share Their Money, you will read an entertaining review of how not to get divorced over money and bring your couples money up to the 21st century Millenial style.

Welcome back, Bitches Get Ritches, to the Friday Night Highlights. Read More…

The Smart FI Highlight Of the Week

My wife and I are both nurses. You should be having visions of Florence Nightingale and Gaylord Focker. If you don’t recognize those names. Cut and paste them into the Google Machine.

This week we both received checks from our employer as reimbursement for educational expenses we incurred over the last few months. One check was for $34 and the other check was for $230.

The combined $264 was reimbursement of money we had spent, out of pocket. An I owe you from our employer.  But these expenses were old news. Sunk expenses, long paid for, months ago, out of cash flow.

In essence, we had $264 staring us in the face daring us to spend it. I tell myself that most people would have cashed these checks and cruised over to Kohl’s for some shopping therapy. Only to cap the night off with a fancy meal at Applebee’s.

Not me! I used mobile check deposit from the Vanguard app and put this cash to work quicker than the fleeting hopes of the Mariners making the playoffs. Side note: The Seattle Mariners now own the longest playoff drought (16 years) of any professional sports team. 

It is these small wins, that slowly gain momentum, like a snowball rolling down a hill, that will someday pay large dividends. When our family reaches financial independence it will have been on the backs of these small, deliberate decisions to be mindful about our spending.

Would you have spent the $264 dollars? Let me know in the comments below.





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