Friday Night Highlights Vol. 4

Welcome to this edition of Friday Night Highlights. Where I turn over every stone in the personal finance space to find articles that are setting the personal finance blogosphere on FIRE.

In this Highlights edition,  I will feature three articles from three bloggers who were honored this past week with the prestigious Plutus Awards.

What, you ask, is a Plutus Award? The easy answer is, it is the equivalent of the Grammy’s to the blogging world.

The Plutus Foundation, named after the Greek God of Wealth, was founded in 2009 with a purpose of honoring people and blogs who promote personal finance as a larger body of the financial media.

Although there were many more winners, I am featuring the winners from 3 of my favorite categories: blog of the year, best family finance blog, and best frugality blog.

Blog Of The Year

The False, Persistent Myth About FIRE and Tech Bros

~ Our Next Life

The false, persistent myth about FIRE and tech bros // Our Next Life // early retirement, financial independence, adventure, happiness

Congratulations to Tanya, from Our Next Life. Winner of Blog Of  The Year, it is no wonder this blog took home top honors. Superbly written and chocked full of personal finance content this blog is a must-read. Our Next Life does not shy away from heavy hitting, controversial topics. In this post I have linked to, The False, Persistent Myth About FIRE and Tech Bros, Tanya skewers the dogma that the FIRE movement is reserved only for those 30 something, male, tech engineers. This weekend do yourself a favor and read her post, you will not be disappointed.   

Best Family Finance Blog

Dealing With The Cone Of Financial Uncertainty ~ Chief Mom Officer

Congratulations to Liz from Chief Mom Officer blog for Best Family Finance Blog. IT Manager by day and one kick-ass blog owner by night, Liz earned this award for her excellent writing and her family-oriented content. From kids to finances, Chief Mom Officer has you covered. She has an award-winning series on Bread Winning, Six Figure, Millionaire Women that is a must read.

In this postDealing With The Cone of Financial Uncertainty, Chief Mom Officer demonstrates why her blog won Best Family Finance Blog. She applies her business acumen to family finances to help you understand why you need a financial roadmap and how to make changes when your plans don’t pan out.

Best Frugality Blog

My Favorite Frugal Five: A Recap ~ She Picks Up Pennies

Congratulations to Penny from, She Picks Up Pennies, for Best Frugality Blog. Penny is a teacher by trade and frugality overachiever on her spare time. Penny was able to parlay her savings into paying off $85,000 dollars of debt on two teachers salaries.

Almost right on queue, Penny posted this best of frugality post recently to highlight her admirable frugality.  With her down to earth style, you are sure to love her blog.

The Smart Fi Highlight Of The Week

In my ongoing effort to cancel cable television, I kept cable and shaved $20 off of my monthly bill for the next 3 months. This back and forth with my cable provider has gone on since March. You can read about my first attempt to cancel cable here, March Mini Frugal Victories

I like to watch NFL football and a DVR is a must have to overcome the almost nonstop commercials that are served up to NFL fans. My DVR is part of my cable package. Come February, I will deal the death blow to our cable television once and for all. Until then, I will enjoy watching the Seahawks.

To top off my cable savings I canceled Netflix for October, saving an additional $12. Andddd, I renewed my employee discount for my overpriced Verizon cell phone service. I know what you are thinking, why doesn’t he go with a prepaid plan like Google Project Fi? Well, I like my iPhone and Verizon is the only carrier that works in the hospital I work in. My Pediatric ER is an underground fortress of concrete and steel. It is actually better than it sounds and it pays the bills.


$32 dollars of savings for one month might sound like small peanuts to some, but for me, it sounds like it’s time to invest. That’s right! I will take that $32 and buy a fractional share of the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index (VTSAX).

VTSAX has a dividend that yields close to 2%. I am buying a small (very small) amount of future income by putting these savings to work. Done over and over, throughout my working career, these marginal victories start to add up. At a distant point in my future, I hope to replace some of my working salary with dividends.

I hope you enjoyed this Plutus Award edition of Friday Night Highlights. Do me a favor and check out these award-winning blogs. You won’t be sorry.

Did you have some highlights of your own this week? Let me know in the comments and share them with everyone.


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  1. An excellent selection of articles from my friends ONL and Penny! Thanks for sharing & im glad to hear you enjoyed my article on the cone of uncertainty. Although looking at that image always makes me hungry!

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