Friday Night Highlights Vol. 3

Welcome to this Weeks edition of Friday Night (High)light. Where I scour the personal finance space to find articles that are setting the personal finance blogosphere on FIRE.

This week lady power reigns supreme. 3 fantastic blog posts all penned by women.

Once upon a time, in the world of financial blogging, women represented only a small fraction of the mostly male-dominated finance space. The tide is changing and most of my favorite blogs are written by women. They are a powerful, growing force on the internet and for good reason.

Here are this weeks Friday Night Highlights.

A Brief History of the 2008 Crash and Recession: We Were All So Fucked (Bitches Get Riches)

My purpose here is to give a millennial's eye view of the situation.

Settle into your favorite chair with a hot cup of coffee for this insightful read into the history of the 2008 Financial Crisis. A Brief History Of The 2008 Crash And Recession is written from the eyes of a millennial trying to enter the workforce when the world seemed to be unraveling. This post is both a lesson and a resource, for our future selves.

Why I Want Fat FIRE, and It’s Not for the Reason You Might Think (Gen Y Money)

Why I Want Fat FIRE

Deciding when to retirement usually comes down to age for most people. When age 62 rolls around, you punch the clock for the last time and ride off into the sunset. Not Gen Y Money! I Want Fat FIRE, dives into “lean FIRE and fat FIRE and what they mean for your retirement. As the title suggests, Gen Y CA has chosen the latter and it is for a reason character defect we both share.

Deciding Against A Normal Life(Ellie Mondelli)

Writing is an art and Ellie Mondelli writes this post with grace and elegance. Deciding Against A Normal Life is not your normal financial post. The paragraphs jump from the page to your consciousness while Ellie uses the right and left lanes of I-40 as a metaphor for life.  The charming style of this post makes you take an introspective glance into the normal routine of your life, questioning, is a normal life what I really want?


The Smart FI Highlight Of The Week

This week the highlight of the week is dedicated to my beautiful wife. We are well into our careers, both as Registered Nurses. In our field, it is common to receive extra hourly pay in exchange for a certification. This week my wife sat for the Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse (CPEN) exam and passed with flying colors.

In any given department in a hospital under half of the nurses are certified in their particular specialty area. This is for good reason. The test is difficult and requires a solid month of preparation and study if want to have confidence in passing.

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I did it! I passed my CPEN (Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse) exam! I didn't tell many people, but I have been studying for the last two months on top of working, being a mom/wife, training for a marathon and 50 mile trail race. There were some nights I was so tired after work and would fall asleep holding my book! I have major test anxiety! I am confident taking care of sick kids, traumas, being responsible for keeping a hospital open for admits, run marathons and 50 mile trail races but when it comes to tests, I feel like vomiting😭 But it's all done now! So happy!😊 Now it's time to celebrate with @thesmartfi my biggest supporter!❤️ Then it's time to deep clean the house and read a regular, most likely nonfiction running book!💕 #ididit #ipassed #cpen #pediatricnurse #ernurse #relieved

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With the CPEN Certificate in hand, my wife will now earn $1 extra per hour for the rest of her career. Pretty good return on investment if you ask me.

This is also a prime example that to save more sometimes you need to earn more. The higher income allows you to more easily grow the gap between what you earn and what you spend.

Is there a course, certificate or degree that you could get in your field that would help you to earn a higher income? When figured into the length of your working career these small raises can change the trajectory of your financial future. Don’t let that low hanging fruit go unpicked.

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