Friday Night (High)lights Vol. 2

Welcome to this Weeks edition of Friday Night (High)light. Where I scour the personal finance space to find articles that are setting the personal finance blogosphere on FIRE.

The theme this week is financial progression. From getting out of debt, keeping track of your net worth and knowing when you can retire, this week is a full helping of financial knowledge.


One Skill You Need To Get Out Of Debt (Mr. Jamie Griffen)

Want to Learn How to Get Out of Debt? Develop Grit and Mental Toughness to Push Through the Hard Times and Become Debt Free

Have you ever heard the saying, “The best things in life are learned?” Hmmm, me either, I made it up. It is the truth though. Our best life lessons are the ones we learned. This week Mr. Jamie Griffen explains in, One Skill You Need To Get Out Of Debt,  why growing this one skill will help you crush debt. This man knows what he is talking about. He paid off over $73,000 in debt in less than 4 years.  He has walked the walk, so head on over to his blog for some serious learning.

August Net Worth Update (Young Fire Knight Blog)

Nothing gets me more motivated than reading a net worth update. This week Young Fire Knight released his August Net Worth Update for your voyeuristic reading pleasure. I just have to say, he is killing it.  At age 26, he is well on his way to financial independence. While other millennials’ are paying for table service at the club, Young Fire Knight is saving a whopping 71.6% of his pay. While you may not be able to replicate his exact savings rate or lifestyle, just implementing 1 or 2 of his savings strategies could forever change the trajectory of your financial future. Take the leap and have a read. He lays it all out for you to see.

Reaching The 4% Rule (Full Time Finance)

4 Percent Rule

Forget what you thought you knew about the 4% rule and jump into this insightful post by the blog Full Time Finance. Reaching The 4% Rule dives head first into how a widely accepted FIRE principal, that is almost considered gospel, can be teased apart to nothing more than an educated guess. If you are interested in learning some information about the 4% rule you may not have known, then this post is for you.

The Smart Fi Financial Highlight Of The Week

Here at the Smart Fi Ranch, we are the worst kind of budgeters, the lazy kind. If it requires a complicated spreadsheet, it probably isn’t going to happen.

At the beginning of  September, we implemented a $150 per week grocery budget. I am happy to report that we are wrapping up week three on track and under budget. This is no small feat. It is an area of our finances we have struggled with for years. Mindless spending on food.

As you can see we went old school and used the back of an envelope to keep track of grocery spending. My wife and I keep receipts and keep a running tally as we progress through the week. All we needed was a little more mindfulness in our life.

That’s all we have for this week. Thanks for stopping by. Did you have any highlights in your week? Feel free to share in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Friday Night (High)lights Vol. 2

  1. I love re-using envelopes, win-win situation good for the environment before you recycle it.

    $150/week for a family of four is a fantastic food budget! Where do you usually do your grocery shopping?

    1. We have a QFC (quality food center) that is a couple of blocks from our house. The prices are higher than other stores in our area but unfortunately, the convenience trumps price when we only need one or two items. We cook from scratch and eat from the garden in the summer months. I’m not sure how long we can sustain the $150/week budget. It has become sort of a fun mind game.

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