Friday Night Highlights Vol 19

Friday Night Highlights Volume 19

Welcome to this weeks edition of the Friday Night Highlights, where I search the personal finance blogging world to bring you interesting articles you may have missed.

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Here were last weeks topics:

  1. Top Money Hacks drops 10 tips to show, I love you, without going broke.
  2. Seller At Heart says, stay away from the Acorns investing app.
  3. A Dime Saved tells us how a budget saved their marriage.

Welcome To This Week’s Friday Night Highlights

  • Financial Pilgrimage is a joint bank account the only way after marriage?
  • Budget Kitty has some real-world proof to suggest your Costco membership has value.
  • Moneylogue gives us 8 reasons why debt free is the place to be.

Friday Night Highlights

Should You Get A Joint Bank Account?

Financial Pilgrimage

When I got my first job in my teenage years, one of the first financial steps I took was to open up a checking account. I had that checking account until I was married in my mid 20’s.

After marriage we had a decision to make,  do we combine checking accounts or do we keep our financial autonomy with separate accounts?

The Financial Pilgrimage walks us through their decision to go against the grain and do what worked for them. Read More→

Is Shopping At Costco Worth It?

Mike CollinsAhhh, Costco! What’s not to love? A soda and a hotdog for $1.50, giant packages of toilet paper, and free samples, a virtual shopping utopia.

I’ll tell you what I don’t love. It’s the annual membership fee that gets auto-charged to my credit card. Ack! But do you get more in savings than you spend on the annual membership?

Today Budget Kitty will answer the question. Is Costco really a good deal? The answer might surprise you. Read More→

The Perks Of Debt-Free Living

In one generation consumer debt has become a social norm. Student loans, auto loans, home loans, and even credit card debt have become socially acceptable in American culture.

But is that debt having unintended consequences on your mental and physical health?

The blog may have you cutting up your credit cards before the day is over with their 8 reasons why living debt free will change your life. Read More→

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