Friday Night Highlights Vol 15

Friday Night Highlights Vol 15

Welcome to this weeks edition of the Friday Night Highlights, where I scour the personal finance blogging world to bring you interesting articles you may have missed.

Did you miss last week’s Friday Night Highlights? Not to worry, you can catch up with one click.

Eat like royalty for $125 per month. Wtf is Veganuary? And Disaster-proof your finances. These questions and more in last weeks Friday Night Highlights.

This Week’s New Articles

  • The Finance Twins show us How To Start Investing.
  • Angela from Tread Lightly Retire Early reminds us, money and finance are genderless.
  • The blog, Adventures With Poopsie, spills the beans on their 2018 finances and how they lost their way.

How To Start Investing

how to start investing

JL Collins in his book The Simple Path To Wealth states, “By the time you know enough to pick a good financial advisor, you know enough to handle your finances.”

I am always shocked by people who will spend days researching what coat to buy but will completely hand over their financial life to someone else to manage.

When I see articles that help novices break through the fear barrier of investing, I’m all about that.

This week I came across this article by with an unassuming title but chocked full of easy to understand investment advice for beginners. 

From picking which account to open and with which brokerage to which investments to make, this article has you covered. Start to finish this article should have you covered. Read article→

Friday Night Highlights
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The Year Of Women In The Financial Independence Community

Tread Lightly, Retire Early

Historically, money has been a man’s world. If you think that’s still true, WAKE UP, it’s 2019! And to prove it, the blog Tread Lightly Retire Early just published a post that will remind you money and finance should be genderless.

It’s no surprise that there has been such an ingrained bias that men are the ones who care about investing and planning for their financial future while women have to be dragged out of stores with their purses on lockdown so they won’t blow their husband’s money. The joke is always that the woman has to hide her spending while the man protects their future.

There is a whole online community of women for women, who are leading the charge and showing you how to take control of your financial life and secure a better future. Don’t miss this great, eye-opening piece. It may just change your life. Read article→

2018 Savings Rate And What’s Ahead In 2019

The world of financial blogging is a bit of a strange beast. We tend to share personal information that is not part of everyday conversation. Net worth, savings rate, pay raises etc. are all taboo in daily life but not on the interwebs.

Go ahead and ask your neighbor how much they made last year and what their savings rate was. You are probably going to get a blank stare as if you just asked what their bank account password was.

It should come as no surprise then that I love articles where bloggers spill the beans on these taboo subjects. This week we have a blog post from Adventures With Poopsie (seriously that’s their name) where they show us their 2018 expenses and savings rate.

Most people would find a 30% savings rate aspirational, Adventures with Poopsie was a bit disappointed and they plan to buckle down in 2019. Will they cut their $10,000 travel budget? Go take a look at their numbers to find out. Read article →

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4 thoughts on “Friday Night Highlights Vol 15

  1. I love any article discussing savings rates as I’m trying to find the “proper way” to calculate ours. I haven’t seen this one yet from Adventures with Poopsie. Thanks for putting this together!

    1. Thank you for reading. Saving rate is a contentious issue. There is not one agreed upon formula. It boils down to pre tax or after tax savings rates. Those two numbers are quite different. Most seem to lean towards the after tax calculation.

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