Friday Night Highlights Vol 14

Friday Night Highlights Volume 14

Welcome to this weeks edition of the Friday Night Highlights, where I scour the personal finance blogging world to bring you interesting articles you may have missed.

Did you miss last week’s Friday Night Highlights? Not to worry, you can catch up with one click. When is a spend-nothing challenge, not a challenge? Are you a frugal fraud? And is death a reason to quit FIRE? These questions and more in last weeks Friday Night Highlights.

This Week We Have 3 New Articles

  • The blog A Purple Life shares with us how she lives the good life on $125 per month for groceries.
  • Budget Epicurean has 4 Compelling reasons everyone should try Veganuary, even if only for a day.
  • Champagne And Capital Gains shares a dream that changed her life.

How I Spend $125 Per Month On Groceries

Boy, I was feeling good about the time when we keep our grocery budget under $600 per month.  The blog, A Purple Life, takes it to another level and shares how she is able to eat a low-carb, high protein diet on $125 per month.

From egg scrambles to flank steak taco bowls, she dishes out her secrets and gives us 4 tips so we can follow in her footsteps. If you want to see mouth-watering pictures of food and learn how to make it on the cheap, don’t miss this article. Read the article →

Veganuary: What Is It, Should I Try It?

Somewhere towards the end of 2018, I had a wild idea. I was going to try to go vegan in January. I thought, after all the junk food over the holiday season, from Thanksgiving to New years, I needed an intervention. A kind of hard reset that would get me back onto the path of cleaner eating.

Little did I know, this was already a thing. Veganuary, which had already been created by someone else was something many other people were trying. After posting about my idea on Instagram and hearing about Veganuary, I learned my blogging friend, Budget Epicurean, was going to try Veganuary. She wrote a post listing 4 compelling reasons everyone should try Veganuary.

Don’t worry if you feel like you missed the bus because we are already 2 weeks into January. Even a week or day of Veganuary may change the way you think about food. Follow along as she blogs about her Veganuary experience while photo journaling her delicious recipes along the way.  Read the article →

I Dreamed I Got Fired & Now I’m Fired-Proofing My Finances

Have you ever had one of those dreams that feel so real? The blog, Champagne And Capital Gains, tells us a story about the time she had one of those dreams and it changed her life.

If you lost your job today, how many weeks or months could you survive without a paycheck? This terrible, scary question, is not a mental exercise we like to play but life does not always follow our plan. Death, disability, or being fired are all reasons, our perfect life can be turned on its head.

Don’t Wait Until You’re in a Bad Spot to Think About How Your Finances Could Handle a Bad Spot

Champagne and Capital Gains walks us through 6 simple steps she used to get her financial life in order after her night terror.  Read the article →


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