Friday Night Highlights Vol 12

Friday Night Highlights Volume 12

Welcome to this weeks edition of the Friday Night Highlights, where I scour the personal finance blogging world to bring you interesting articles you may have missed.

Did you already forget about last week’s Friday Night Highlights? Not to worry, I’ve got your back. Click here to catch up. Here is what you missed.

  • Wait, don’t buy that home until you read these tips.
  • It might be your debt stressing you out. Ughh!
  • Feeling blah? Chase an impossible goal.

Those stories and more on last week’s Friday Night Highlights.

Friday Night Highlights

This week we have three articles:

Two Truths And A Lie

  • This award-winning blogger hates the stress of New Year’s resolutions. So instead of letting herself become frazzled, she crafted a brilliant plan that you’ll need to read about.
  • Are you bored with setting difficult financial goals? Maybe you need to follow the relaxed approach to personal finance and set some easily attainable personal goals. Check out the article from the blog, Time In The Market, to see what attainable goals he set for himself this year.
  • Are you ready to read a story that will give you hope for humanity? Deanna from the blog, Ms. Fiology told a lie and she is getting naked to set the record straight. Don’t miss this heartwarming tale of doing the right thing in the face of humiliation.


She’s An Egomaniac? The Year of Me Q1 2019 Goals

Living a More Purposeful Life One Cent at a Time

She hates the pressure this time of year to transform yourself into a whole new you.

In fact, I find the whole idea of having to create a new me overwhelming and, quite frankly, a little depressing.

You’d think Penny, the award-winning blogger from She Picks Up Pennies, would tell you she’s not setting goals for 2019.

Quite the opposite. She’s got a brilliant plan to break her goals into quarterly objectives. Health, wealth and clutter will be Q 1 areas of focus as she rings in the new year, making 2019 “the year of me.”

As a self-proclaimed mortgage hater, Penny pivots from her accelerated mortgage repayment plan to take a new direction in 2019. You are going to want to read her plan.

As a bonus, Penny tells us about the one, must have fitness tool, that helped her improve her health in 2018.  Read the article →


Goal setting is a powerful process of analysis and implementation. In the world of money blogging, we tend to focus on financial goals because that is our passion, but goals can be anything.  Easy or hard, fitness or financial, the application is where we fail.

The 30 something blogger that runs the website, Time In The Market, prides himself on taking the relaxed approach to financial freedom.

In his most recent post, he discusses 5 attainable (nonfinancial) goals for the new year. What I like about his 5 goals is simplicity. They are not some moonshot attempt to pay off his pay off his mortgage in 2 months or visit 8 continents in one year. No, those are the kind of ridiculous goals I subject myself too.

So if you want to follow the lead of the blog, Time in the Market, head on over to his website to see how 5 simple goals could change your life in 2019. Read the article →

I Lied to Dave Ramsey and Now It’s Time to Confess

Ms. FiologyCan I get a show of hands for everyone who has told a lie only to feel guilty later? I think most people have. Small white lies are easy to tell.

Has your dentist every asked you if you floss your teeth every day? What is our immediate response? “Yes, I do!”

Deanna from Ms. Fiology told a lie and now she is coming clean.  She has been riddled with guilt, to the point of losing sleep.

From Addiction to FI

If you want to listen to a podcast from Choose FI that Deanna was recently featured on click here. She recounts her journey from addiction and bankruptcy to financial independence. Her story will bring you to tears!

What makes her story interesting is that she got away with the lie. She was never caught. It was her guilt that finally got to her.

Her heartwarming story of doing what is right in the face of shame is a lesson to us all to be better humans. Read the article →

Thank you for reading the Friday Night Highlights. Please get on the list (in the form above), to get Tuesday’s article, where I will be discussing 2018: Year In Rewind. Will I keep blogging in 2019? You’ll have to read to find out.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. I am humbled to be featured. I wrote that post as an apology and didn’t expect it to get so much attention.

    Proof that honest never goes out of style, eh? Thank you.

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