Friday Night Highlighst Vol 16

Friday Night Highlights

Welcome to this weeks edition of the Friday Night Highlights, where I scour the personal finance blogging world to bring you interesting articles you may have missed.

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Another blogger spills the financial beans. Investing is easy as pie.  And for women by women, as they outsmart the rat race. These stories and more in last weeks Friday Night Highlights.


This Week’s New Articles

  • Dr. McFrugal shares why a 529 might be wrong for you.
  • Four Pillar Freedom tells us living like a student could make you rich.
  • Abandoned Cubicle’s family spending takes center stage as FI voyeurs line up.
Friday Nigh Highlights
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Why I Don’t Have A 529 For My Child

Dr. McFrugal jumps head first into the 529 quagmire and explains why he doesn’t have a 529 for his child.

Like most things involving the US tax code, the 529 has been overcomplicated.

While it still may be the best way to save (tax-free) for college, the process to get there is overly confusing.

Not only does each state sponsor their own plan, but they also sponsor multiple plans with varying levels of fees. To top that off some states offer tax incentives to contribute while others don’t.

For example, a person from California can invest in a Utah 529 plan for a child who may eventually attend a university in Massachusetts. Dr

Dr. McFrugal articulates all the reasons why he hasn’t started a 529 and it may not be what you think. If you have small children or are planning to save money for your children’s college this article is a must-read. Read article →

Why Living Like a Student Has a Massive Impact on Your Long-term Wealth

Four Pillar Freedom

Warning: What you are about to read is full of truth bombs? The blog, Four Pillar Freedom has laid out an excellent case why your new job is a reason to save not spend.

With 3 real-world case scenarios to model your own behavior after, you can see the power of keeping your lifestyle inflation in check.

With plenty of graphs and charts, this article will let you can geek out to the prospects of an easy peasy 6 figure net worth.

The power of saving fresh out of college can have a lasting effect on your net worth. Go take a look to find out for yourself. Read article →

Our 2018 Household Spending Revealed

abandoned cubicle

How much do you think you spent last year? Yep! That includes everything. Food, Home, auto, childcare, travel, clothing, and utilities.

My answer is probably similar to that of most Americans.  “I have no idea.”

The blog, Abandoned Cubicle, lays out the nitty gritty details of their family’s spending in 2018. To be quite honest, I was pretty impressed by their numbers.

They are doing everything right. Driving paid off cars, cutting cable,  paying off their mortgage, yet they still feel like their spending was a bit fluffy.

What areas will they cut in 2019? The $17,000 childcare expense or the $6,500 dining out bill? You will have to see for yourself. Read article →

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