Febuary Plank Challenge

February Plank Challenge

Well, here it is February already. I had a New Year’s resolution but it’s busted. I guess I can tell you now, I have moved on.  My New Year’s resolution was to not eat refined sugar.

Let me say, my kryptonite in life is baked sweets. Cakes, brownies, and cookies; I don’t discriminate….I love them all! There is something about a slice of triple chocolate cake and a

cold glass of milk that I can not resist.  I don’t like sugar candy, never have. Temptation is a bitch. I am tempted daily at work. Some beautifully delicious baked treat is almost always on the break room counter, wafting an irresistible scent to seduce me.

So what would any rational person do if they broke one of their New Year’s resolutions in the first two weeks? Set another new goal! Here is mine.

I am going to do one a plank a day for the whole month of February.

*starting at one minute in length and gradually increasing throughout the month by 5-10 seconds each day.

Planks are beautifully simple. They need no gym and no equipment. You are using your own weight as resistance. Planks are an excellent core strengthening exercise. Here are the simple instructions. This is an exercise where you can see real results in both arm and stomach definition in one month. This can be achieved with only one to two minutes per day. Two years ago I did a plank every day for three months. I had the best abs of my life. No,  I didn’t look like that ripped guy on television but I looked good for me. I would do a plank before work or after a run. It was easy to fit in my schedule because it only took a minute. Over those three months I was actually able to increase my plank endurance to 3 minutes.


Lie on the floor with elbows directly beneath your shoulders and legs fully extended. Raise your torso into the air until it makes a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles. Tighten your stomach, squeeze your butt and hold this position for the desired amount of time.

What is financial independence if you don’t have your health.

– TheSmartFi

Here is 4 reasons why you should join me in The Plank Challenge for February

  1. It is free and will cost you nothing.
  2. Sitting at the computer, blogging, gives you weak core/back muscles.
  3. Planks require very little time commitment. No driving to the gym. You can even do planks in your pajamas. I do.
  4. I have anecdotal evidence that when I exercise, even a one minute plank, I eat less junk.

Plank challenge blog roll. (people or blogs who have joined the February challenge)


So there it is, my new fitness goal. A new start for a busted New Years resolution. What better way to hold myself accountable than to have the blogging world join with me. If joining the challenge interests you, leave a comment below. If you have a blog of your own, include your URL. I will create a blog roll of all the blogs that have joined. You can also email me at thesmartfi@gmail.com and I can and you to the contest. If you want to remain anonymous email me a nickname or pseudonym. Be sure to take a picture of your before and after so you can see the change. No, you don’t have to share these pictures with me. What do you have to lose.

25 thoughts on “Febuary Plank Challenge

    1. The only rule is to do one plank per day. If 30 seconds is what you start with then that is fantastic. I plan to lengthen my plank by a few seconds per day over the course of the month. The underlying theme of the challenge is that small incremental improvements over a month or a year lead to big changes. Thank you for joining the challenge.

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